The real cost of design

What is the real cost of design?

All too often we  consult with companies who are on their second, third and fourth version of their logo and or website.  They have spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to save thousands and thousands of dollars.

Many times a company will ask someone close to them or a family member to help with their marketing and design or they let their website developer design their logo or their logo designer develop their website. Typically it does not work out so well as website developers and graphic designers are two very different types of people, they use two different sides of their brains and have very different training (if they have training at all) than one another.

Hiring the right designer for graphic design and website design services is critical to your businesses success. We have found that businesses who invest in good, professional design from the beginning are much more successful sooner than those that do not – especially in this day of xxxxx

If you have a plan and a financial goal that you need to meet, good design and marketing can get you there faster.

How do you know who to hire? Best place to start is to ask successful clients and friends who they have used. View their portfolio, online or in person.  If a company has reputable businesses that you would like to emulate then that might be a good sign. Think of it in terms of dollars. If you are looking to make $500K or $1M a year in your business, choose a company that is used to working with companies that size.

Remember a good designer will save you time and money. They will improve your image and help you stand out in a crowd.

The real cost of design is in the RIO (return on investment). If a company cannot almost guarantee that you will recover the cost for the service (and fairly quickly) then don’t hire them.

When you are ready to see a return on investment and fast – give us a call.”