It’s ALL about the customer!

Ok, I’ll say it again. It’s ALL about the customer. How many times do you go into a business and see the owner’s favorite sports team paraphernalia displayed and their product or service has nothing to do with sports? Or, they design their marketing brochure or advertisements around their favorite pet and their service does not center on animals.  If I learned anything over the years as a marketing professional, it is this. It is about the customer what they think about your product/service, what they want to pay for it, and what they believe is true about your competition. It is not about what you, as the business owner, think about these marketing strategies.

A simple customer survey will open your eyes to what the customer is really looking to achieve by purchasing your product/service. A few questions about pricing, promotion and sales process will help you develop a successful marketing and sales strategy. Take it one step further and conduct a competitive analysis to find out what your competitors are doing advertising and promotion-wise. What products or services do they offer that you don’t?  What are their plans for expansion? What other questions might you want to know about your competitors?

If I am a savvy business owner, I’d rather hear from my customer directly about what they desire in a product and/or service. The other option, if I do not ask or listen, is that my competitor fills my client’s needs. Viola! I have now lost a customer.  Keep reading this blog and we will discuss how much it costs to win back a lost customer.

Guest Writer, Margaret Schmidt, holds a Master in Business Administration from Santa Clara University with a focus in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, with a minor in Sociology, from California State University, Chico.

Margaret Specializes in grant writing, project management and developing marketing and public relations programs for a variety of clients including local city and county entities as well as many private organizations. Visit Margaret Schmidt at