The $40,000 Tagline

Have you ever heard the Jim Gaffigan bit about the marketing guys sitting around trying to come up with a jingle for Hot Pockets (at 3:43) Hot Pockets…BRILLIANT, right?

This is almost that bad. Small Business hires Marketing Firm to come up with a tagline and tell them how they should answer their phones… and that’ll be $40,000, thank you.

Then I heard the tagline almost as creative as the Hot Pockets jingle.

We’re so tired of companies getting ripped off. 40K for a tagline and a few scripts about how to answer the phone… don’t get me wrong, a tagline and phone scripts are key elements of your brand. But was that the very best way to spend $40K at that point in time? We hear all the time about design and marketing agencies that steer clients towards unnecessary or ridiculous marketing expenditures with indeterminate ROI because the marketing agency makes money.

Here’s a Yes or No question: Wouldn’t you love to sit down with someone who would listen to your short and long term goals, plans and ideas, and candidly say to you, No, don’t spend your money on that, you don’t need it right now. Here’s a better plan that will cost you less with same or greater return.

If you answered yes, have a seat, we’d love to talk to you.