Know your farmer!

When it came time to develop the Llano Seco video, we knew it had to feature Dave, one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated and personable gentleman we’ve ever met. He was the guiding force behind the establishment of Llano Seco Organic Pork and a big part of its success. The old adage is true: people like to buy from a person not a company.

Meet Dave Sieperda, ranch manager at Llano Seco Rancho.

Dave is that person. He narrates most of the video and it is obvious to viewers that his calm, caring personality is genuine.

Make no mistake, Llano Seco Organic Pork is an incredible product. The organic pigs are raised with great care and strict humane protocols on a 149 year-old ranch in Northern California. The product is sold locally, in the Bay Area and online. The flavor is exceptional and customers and Bay Area chefs are nuts over the bacon, ham, sausage, and fresh cuts the fat itself tastes great.

A while back, we asked a question on the Llano Seco Facebook page: what is more important to you? Local, organic or humanely raised? The first fan to respond changed things up a bit and added a fourth qualifier: Know your farmer, Then, every other fan who responded included know your farmer somewhere in their ranking.

Know your farmer.

Dave has made an impression on customers. They know him or they feel like they know him.

So how can you make it personal in your organization? Let me rephrase that:

Who do your customers want to buy from?

(If you would like to view the Llano Seco Organic Video click here…)”