I Have a Website! Now What?

Effective website planning doesn’t end when the site goes online. Here’s three ways to keep your website improving and growing:

Update frequently. After spending all that time, money and effort on a new website, the worst thing you can do is to let it go stale. A week may be a long time in politicsĀ  – but it’s even longer in cyberspace. Many people who browse the Internet return to the same sites every day. An outdated website can damage credibility, while sites that are frequently updated with new content will encourage their visitors to return more often.

Monitor your web traffic. By reviewing how people find your website, which pages they visit, and how long they spend there, you can make improvements to attract, engage and retain more visitors. We suggest Google Analytics.

Interact with your visitors. Rather than just pushing your products and services, provide something useful for your visitors and offer opportunities for deepening the relationship. Request feedback, ask questions and post surveys to find out whether their needs and your objectives are being met.”